Solar Water Heating System

Solar Water Heating System is one of the most popular solar devices among the people. This is one application home and commercial establishments have used extensively to provide non-stop running hot water. It is easy to install and long lasting device. Solar water heating system converts sunlight into heat energy and transfers the same to a stored water supply. This heats up the water in the stored water supply. Solar water heating System consists of a solar collector that collects radiant energy and a storage tank for the hot water storage. There are basically two types of solar collectors.

Flat-plate collectors

This type of solar water heating system employs a flat plate collector. This type of system consists of a flat box with a absorbent plate covered by transparent and toughened glass shields. Insulating is provided at the bottom and sides of flat plate collectors to reduce heat loss.

Evacuated-Tube Collectors

This type of solar water Heating System consists of evacuated-tubes which are used to collect solar energy. This type of collectors consists of rows of transparent glass with a metal absorber on the inside. The metal fin is used to absorb heat from the sun while preventing the heat from escaping the system.

  • Aditi Solar is Accredited by ISO 9001 & 14001 through TUV Nord
  • Aditi Solar is Registered with NEDCAP & NSIC
  • Aditi SPV Modules Certified by IEC 61215 & 61730 standard through UL
  • Aditi Solar is Channel Partner with MNRE
  • Aditi having R.C with M.E.D.A,Pune for the year 2012-2013
  • Aditi having R.C with C.R.E.D.A,Raipur for the year 2012-2013
  • Aditi successfully completed 200KW project in Gulmarg, J&K