Solar Fencing System

Solar Fencing System is a one of the best available options to provide secured fencing to factories, colonies and other vital installations. It uses renewable solar energy which is available round the clock independent of the grid failure. In today’s world where security has become an important aspect, Solar Fencing Systems are a great option. Solar Fencing system has just sufficient power to give living beings a short, sharp but safe shock that they never forget. It is this feature that makes it popular as it doesn’t cause loss of life while deterring a living being from breaking the fence. It consists of a Photo voltaic module; Energizer, Fence Voltage Alarm (FVAL), Battery and Charge control Unit (CCU).

  • Aditi Solar is Accredited by ISO 9001 & 14001 through TUV Nord
  • Aditi Solar is Registered with NEDCAP & NSIC
  • Aditi SPV Modules Certified by IEC 61215 & 61730 standard through UL
  • Aditi Solar is Channel Partner with MNRE
  • Aditi having R.C with M.E.D.A,Pune for the year 2012-2013
  • Aditi having R.C with C.R.E.D.A,Raipur for the year 2012-2013
  • Aditi successfully completed 200KW project in Gulmarg, J&K